FF7: Reminiscence

Pan Diary (Day 1)

<font>Day 1</font>

<font>Kore and I arrived in Corioles, I think mom knew what we were going to do, or maybe she told so we would do it. When we landed there was an attack on the port by Shadar-Kai. Our unit and the already stationed Unit managed to stop them, we even took one hostage. I was wounded in battle, dont get me wrong, I'm fine, but due to lots of blood every one thought it was worse then in reality. Later that night at the bar Weeble, our medic, wouldn't leave me be, he kept trying to get my armor off; do I need to remind you that if I am discovered as a woman I could be killed? In the end only Weeble managed to see my breasts and then Kore knocked him out and then just pleaded drunkness, they bought it, every one but Krug. I mean, WTF!? He's a Half Orc, he's suppose to be stupid, but he knew something was up and insisted to know why I wouldn't take off my armor, then he asked why I wouldn't take showers with every one. Things were looking bad. To shorten this up we fought them, we had to, and we convinced the Shadar-Kai that if he helped us we would get him off this port safely. We made it out of the bar and thanks to some good acting on my part got onto a ship without too much trouble, Kore tried to take the captains room, fat chance, he knows I'll kick his ass. Well that was day one, hopefully its all open seas to Wutai. Oh and I forgot, the Shadar-Kai is coming with us, not sure why, I think Kore is being too trusting, but he seems ok, his names Orik.</font>



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