FF7: Reminiscence

Reminiscence 1

The Opening chapter in a story of epic proportions.

     Having trained in the Junon Armada their entire lives, Kore and Pan Yamaguchi are enlightened as to their true nature. Having thought they were sibling Eladrin as they grew up, their "mother" informed them that Pan was actually unrelated to Shinobu and her son Kore, and actually came from a line of Elven Lineage that she did not know of.

     After coming of age at 20, the two siblings decide to set off on their own adventure to discover their pasts, leaving mother safely behind. When the two are assigned guard duty in the port of Corioles, they make plans to escape on a J.A. vessel. When they arrive in Corioles several uneasy weeks later, a Shadar-Kai raid on the port is just barely fended off, and in the aftermath of the battle, the gender of Pan is exposed (it is illegal to to have female combat troops in the J.A.). Fending off tired, upset, and drunk J.A. soldiers, the two escape with the aid off a captive Shadar-Kai by the name of XNATMAKEUPANAMEX. Confronted by the captain of the guard, Regdar, (a real asshole, but to be respected due to his rank), a fight ensues. Unwillingly, the three kill him as they are left with no other option. Thinking that they either were abducted by or aided a Shadar-Kai, the J.A. was in pursuit. Escaping on stolen ship, the venturesome Three set their sails for Wutai.



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