FF7: Reminiscence

Reminiscence 2

Journey to Wutai

     Sailing on the open sea can be quite boring. During the voyage, Pan, Kore and Iorek honed their skills of blade and spell, focusing themselves inward for their voyage. Debate over who would get the captain's room was not something Iorek wanted to participate in, so he confined himself to the Crow's Nest. A flock of Drakes were attracted by the far away gleam of the metal flashing on the ships deck, and harassed the party, making away with Pan's sword. Fortunately there were many replacements, as the ship was a Junon Armada transport.

    After more lonely days on the sea, a seemingly lone moogle, Axbwxuzzr, overtook their ship in one of his own, and offered to trade for their spare Junon swords. He found no interest in any of their other offers, but he did undertake an information quest for the word HOLYCRAPWHATWASTHEWORD?. He also left them with an ominous warning: "Beware pirates!; seconds later a pirate ship had appeared from seemingly nowhere. As the crew ran up from below decks, the captain of the pirate vessel, Julio Scoundrél, asked the party to lay down their arms and come quietly, surrenduring their vessel. Shouting back a resounding "Hell no!" the pirates ran to to board the party's ship. Fighting in a divide and conquer manner, Pan and Kore pushed their supreme strengthand cunning upon the


umm i don’t belive im called SKSADJ, or ASKDJ

Reminiscence 2

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