An intelligent weapon with a blood lust


Forged in the name of Bane by a mad Shadar-Kai, for use by bloodthirsty warriors everywhere. Sold to vizier of the Shadar-Kai, the sword was justly won in battle by a Hobgoblin commander, where it was stolen by Goblin underlings. From there Akatra enjoyed a life of bloodshed and murder passing from hand to bloody hand. After it's murderous tendencies moved a Dwarven cheiften to destroy a defensless human settlement, the dwarven lords locked it up for centuries. In time a gentille dwarven king decided it would be best to send all dangerous items in their possession to a storage mountain. Intercepted by a Bile Spider Clan scouting party, Akatra was made off with.

If the owner shows large amounts of weakness, or even a much more bloodthirsty master, the weapon will attempt to change hands. Besides sowing blood in the ground, Akatra wishes to eventually make it's way back into Shadar-Kai lands.


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