Mysterious entities with strong convictions and stronger wills to complete their mission, the Seraphim have their own agenda separate from that which mortals would deem "productive".


The Seraph that visited the party appeared with apparently no bidding, and gave the party this message:


    "Faire Adventurers, your valued lives are in danger in this place; this world is crumbling. Few on this plane know it, but events are in motion that will lead to this planet's destruction, or salvation. The parasite, Jenova, the calamity that fell from the sky, feeds upon this planet's lifestream, drawing all souls who perish into it's ravenous mouth. The souls that would normally be reborn again are being consumed, and, in time, this planet will be lifeless. The sands of time are falling, and with their fall, two options unfold themselves: either Jenova is extracted from this, and all, planes, bringing a silence of peace to the multiverse, or this planet collapses on itself, becoming the vehicle for Jenova to attach to other planets, potentially consuming all existence.

    Where your place in the coming war stands, is upon your, and every other inhabitants of this planets shoulders. Many shall choose ignorance, some shall choose greatness; this is how it has always been. No one person may undergo this journey alone. The threat of destruction looms on all beings shoulders. Seek out allies, and do not abandon those who have aided you in the past, nor the future, for you will come to rely on them in times of need." -The Seraphim



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