Eastern Continent

     The continent in the east is known simply as "The Eastern Continent" to most, though many would-be conquerers have named it other names, claiming to have conquered it themselves. Some of the more primative tribes have developed their own name for it as well; for example, having traveled little off-continent, the orcish "Spike" tribes that roam in the southeast call it "The beginning land" or "The Birthland", their ancient history of having actually migrated from the Mideel continent forgotten in the aftermath of the Union battle.

     In the nortern part of the continent lies the village-city of Madros, a group of 7 human villages and 1 dwarven village. Each village has its own name, but none of the tribes object to being called collectively "Madros" (a word meaning "haven" or "home" in an extinct human language). The 8 villages live in relative harmony with one another, and if any dispute arises it is settled outside of city limits, with a third, impartial tribe overseeing the battle or fight.

     Between the city-village of Madros and the coastal city of Junon lie the Sharp-Spire peaks, a chain of mountains that divide the Eastern Continent into three main parts. Covered in snow year around, these mountains are virtually insurmountable, with no official recording of anyone reaching the peak.


Eastern Continent

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