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A land in search of identity, a past drenched in bloodshed.

    It's been 358 years since the fall of Jenova, a strange creature that fell from the sky. Falling down with it were madness and chaos; monsters began appearing, the lifestream, the essence of creatures that recycles the souls to make new life, became weaker, and strange tribes and cults, twisted by the dark energies radiating from the northern crater where Jenova fell, roamed the land. The sworn protectors of the planet, the Cetra (the Ancients), came together in a massive meeting, called Union, forming together to create an army capable of destroying Jenova, and banishing the "Wound of the Planet" forever.

    Unfortunatly the Cetra underestimated how deeply Jenova had rooted itself in the earth. In the midst of battle the Ancients were separated, their forces cloven in two. Unsure of what the other force was thinking, the two halves each decided on a different course of action. The first beleived that the battle was lost, and should be continued at another time, when they were better prepared, leaving the battle to their ancestors. Spreading themselves around the perimeter of the crater, the group summoned a barrier encasing the entire battleground in a time stasis, presumably frozen in time to this day. The other group also felt that the battle was lost, and that it would be in their interest to raise stronger gaurdians of the earth, who would restore the lifestream to the planet, thus allowing Gaia to force a massive amount of energy to the northern crater, expelling Jenova from the planet. Retreating from battle, the Cetra commited ritual suicide, sending their souls to recruit more lifeforce that would, over time, harden into the physical forms of planetary gaurdians, the the very essence of protection and wrath.

    Three-hundred and fifty-eight years later, the land still lays in the beginning processes of rebuilding. Kingdoms that had stood for thousands of years had crumbled in an instant, and entire races had gone missing. Large quantities of written history had disappeared with the destruction of libraries, and only the tales passed down by generations were left to recreate the past. Newly established states of power rose quickly to fill the gap, but even the most aspiring of nations have been ruled by only  4 or 5 kings. The land is an impressionable one, and portions of Gaia's population are waiting to be told what to do, opening the road to new leaders, for better or for worse.

Gaia is split into 5 main continent islands, each with it's own unique features and geography. (For physical details, refer to map.)

Eastern Continent

Western Continent



Northern Reaches 

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