Pan Yamaguchi


Pan Yamaguchi was born in the small city of Shouma located in a sechluded valley in Eastern Wutai. She left at 6 months of age for the city of Junon under the protection of the pregnent wife (Shinobu Yamaguchi) of the leader of Shouma (Mashi Yamaguchi), escaping from the valley and the country due to a chaotic civil war in the valley that took many lives, including Mashi-Sama.*History of Sakura Valley, Wutai


Shortly after Arriving in Mideel, Shinobu gave birth to Kore Yamaguchi and they grew up thinking that they were brother and sister, in fact with the intention of Kore protecting Pan she told him he was the older of the two for he had always looked it. Kore entered Mideel's military at age 8 through there youth program and always wanting to be like her brother Pan wanted to aswell. A problem arose due to the militaries rule that women could only serve as healers. For almost a year Pan begged her mother to let her join, saying all she had to do was cut her hair and no one would no. Shinobu flat out refused, however a defining traight of Pan is her stubornness, coming to the end of one year of this argument Pan stopped eating and refused to eat until her demands were met, Shinobu agreed under the condition that if Pan ever cried she must quit and never argue to join again. Shinobu though this very clever because along with being stuborn Pan had always used crying to aid get her way. On the first day of youth training Shinobu had explained that if the trainer say Pan as weak or is "he" cried that the trainer was to inform her at once. The trainer agreed, the military was no place for weaklings and that only girls cried. Another boy in her unit overheard this, once the mother had left the boy went up to Pan and punched her in the arm. Pan had let out a cry, the trainer looked over and shook his head but was shocked, Pan stopped crying almost at once, forcing the tears back she bawled her fist and threw it into the boys face, breaking his nose.


Just before the campaign  begins both Pan and Kore have come of age at 20. The have just been assigned to a port in the Congaga Area. The night before they leave their mother tells them the truth about their past. Pan and Kore secretly agree that they will leave the military once the arrive at Congaga and will steal a ship and go to Wutai to learn more about their past.




Pan Yamaguchi

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