Caius Marcius

Head strong and powerful, Caius Marcius is the military leader of the Volcians


    Caius Marcius (Coriolanus) is hard to impress; his only idea of a worthy soldier is someone who can match himself in combat prowess or feats of courage. His reputation as a soldier is spread far and wide, and for good reason. During the Orcish invasions on the southern tip of the Western Continent, the Gongagan commander's unit was surrounded by many hundred Orcs. Their infernal leader, an Orc with only one eye, in mocking good-humour, challenged the commander or any of his "horsefood" soldiers to a duel with him. Minutes of silence washed over the standstill, all present not wanting to throw their life away to this God-like monstrousity. Mustering his courage, a soldier stepped from the midst of shields and swords, and raised his weapons to the Orc cheif. Laughing, the one-eyed orc strode towards him, and the two whirled in a tornado of fists and iron. The band of Orcs looked on, awestruck, as their indomitable warcheif fell to the ground. Calling the men to him, Caius Marcius rallyed the company and chased away the orcs, coming just in time to aid a separated platoon who were fighting for their lives near the landing shores of the orcish invasion. His military career took flight from there. Proving himself in battle after war, Caius eventually earned the title of Coriolanus, after leading the Junon navy in a land invasion against the Orcish city of Corioles, on Mideel.

    After securing his reputation as a general-for-hire across the continents, Coriolanus has gone exploring across the globe, and his arrival at a large city to resupply himself and his troop is often a cause for celebration. Mayors or kings love to welcome heros to their cities; it's good for buisness, and citizens love to welcome heros because they're heros: the stuff of legend and a source of inspiration to tell around the dinner table after a hard day tilling the soil.




Caius Marcius

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